Android apps stores generally lag behind an Apple apps store, but still they have various fun filled applications and Android games. Thousands of Android games which are released by Google are popular among gaming freaks. There are different types of Android games which can make you think and keep you occupied whenever you feel bored. Here you can find some of the top Android games which can entertain you anytime.

Angry Birds

It is one of the popular games for Android. It is easy to play it and the game is to launch different type of birds on a structure. There will be different targets on the structure and it must be destroyed using this little birds. You will be getting bonus points for smashing every target points. Once you become familiar with this game it will be more interesting to play and you might even get addicted to this game soon.

Anyone both young and adult can easily play this game and as you reach every level you feel excited.

Features of this game

You can enjoy high quality graphics while playing games

It has more than 120 levels which gives you excitement as you move from one level to another.

You can update to new levels for free

Is it worth getting this game?

It is available for free and it is a highly popular game among youth. You will not feel disappointed while playing this game.

Defence Robo

Tower defense games are so popular and you will be playing for hours without getting bored. Defense Robo will make you coming back again and again. It is not the same as typical tower defense game but it is something more interesting. When you start to play you will find an opening, as you enter it you will find series of tower. Defence Robo free version is limited and has only few levels, but if you purchase a full version for £ 2.99 it will be worth playing. You can win different awards as you explore the different towers.

You have to fight in 40 levels with 3 different maps which will lead you to reach the total of 120 levels. It will take 15-30 minutes to go through each level. You can enjoy achievements, it makes you to think and play.

Features of Defense Robo

It has 40 levels.

You can use the 3 maps

Free demo is also available.

Worth getting Defense Robo

It has a free version, but personally I recommend the full version which is available for £ 2.99.

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