This is difficult to say right now whether one can run WORD program on hp webos mobile operating system. In the webOS version for 3.x (TouchPad-only), Document editing, other than via Google Docs and Box, and plain text blog services such WordPress, are not enabled yet.

The TouchPad uses webOS 3.0, a card-based multitasking environment. Open applications can be arranged into “stacks.” webOS unobtrusively notifies users of messages, emails, and calendar agenda items, appearing on the top right of the screen, rapidly reviewed by a swipe gesture. webOS 3.0 integrates Adobe Flash. Document editing, other than via Google Docs and Box, will not be enabled at launch.

It’s also worth noting that the Citrix app will allow for full Microsoft Office applications on the TouchPad. More than likely, this is the solution business entities would use, so this issue doesn’t affect them. Further, John Kneeland of HP/Palm says that editing Google Docs works just fine on the TouchPad and that it ties in well with HP Synergy.

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