beTouch E120 android smartphones from Acer

beTouch E120 offers a superb mobile internet experience, so you can access your favorite websites, check your social networks from wherever you are as well as instant access to some great Google applications and,of course, the Android Market.

High-speed communication wherever you are With bot

With both enhanced 3G (HSDPA) and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as extra-long battery life, the beTouch E120 is perfect for communicating with your friends all day long and offers an almost unlimited number of ways to do so.

The Android Experience

The beTouch E120 offers the rich Android experience, including instant access to e-mail, the web, maps and of course an almost unlimited choice of apps to make your world more efficient, more productive and a lot more fun.

Truly social

The beTouch E120 comes with a friendly and highly intuitive user interface for instant access to your favourite music, videos and photos and all your Internet bookmarks. Feeling social? Then simply tap on the built-in social networking applications like Facebook® and Twidroid and take your friends with you wherever you go.


1. E120 black (XP.H4WEN.012)
2GB – Touch Lens – 2.8″ – QVGA – HSDPA – 900 – WiFi Module – HeadSet – Android

2. E120 white (XP.H4XEN.012)
2GB – Touch Lens – 2.8″ – QVGA – HSDPA – 900 – WiFi Module – HeadSet – Android

Get your beTouch E120 Android smartphone from Acer and enjoy.

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