Chinese electronics company HTC has purchased Dashwire, a company that builds a cloud based mobile device syncing platform called DASHWORKS.

The acquisition, which is reportedly costing HTC about $18.5 million to purchase Seattle-based Dashwire’s shares, will help the handset company HTC acquire a way to easily transfer files such as music, video and images between PC/Mac and the company’s Android smartphones.

It will also give HTC a browser-based remote dashboard that will allow access to data and control of apps loaded onto the device, reported Slashgear this morning.

With Dashwire’s technology, users can remotely access a plethora of information – including contacts, e-mail, text message, voice mail, calendar and social networking content – and sync it all in the cloud, allowing it to be accessed from various devices, helping them personalize their mobile experience better.

Though HTC has yet to say very much about exactly what it intends to do with Dashwire’s technology, some analysts believe the company will use it to expand its existing HTCSense Web-based portal which allows users to use their Android-based phones and tablets to log in, track their phone’s location, lock it, read SMS messages and send them, and access contacts.

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