Q&A: ‘Pay as you go for cell phones’ law ?

Question by Skylar: Has anyone heard of a “pay as you go for cell phones” law made by the government?

I have been hearing that the government is getting rid of cell phone plans and replacing them with a pay as you go standard plan for everyone. They said it was because all of the plans are “thrashing up” the system or something?

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Answer by michele
You heard wrong.

~Dr. B.~

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: ‘Pay as you go for cell phones’ law ?”

  1. Its never going to happen.

    Alot of businesses rely on the cell phone network, its plans, and its value in being a sucessful tool in the running of their businesses.

    Any changes to it, without discussion , would in effect make the politicians very unpopular. The dowturn in productivity, the economic loss in ceasing any services could have a disastorous effect on the economy. As people have become reliant on it as being a major form of communication.

    It wont happen.

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