The new Google Nexus One is more than a new smart phone, it is a new way of buying smart phones.  Traditionally, to date, people had to go to a service provider, like Telus , Bell Mobility or Rogers Communications and buy the phones that the carriers provided;  you buy the service, and the phone comes with it, usually for free or a greatly reduced price.

A 0 smart phone can be bought in many places for to 0, as long as you sign up to a 3-year service contract plan.  With the new Nexus One Network, you can now buy the phone and look for service second.

The Nexus One smart phone is run on the  Android 2.1 platform, introduced in early 2010 with the Motorola Devour.  Picture the Google/Motorola Droid, and then picture the advanced and upgraded model, and you have the Nexus One.  There is an unlocked version of the Nexus One available through the Google Apps Store, and it is presently selling at 9 USD.    Add a plan, or take it as a pay-as-you-go phone, the choice is yours.  If one cell phone service provider has a better and less expensive, all-inclusive plan with no hidden or connection fees, then you can choose the carrier and plan that suits you best.

The phone itself, the Nexus One smart phone, has a modern voice-recognition software included, for accessing and dictating emails.  Voice-activated searching is also available, so you will not have to tap, tap, tap, and search your apps for the right one, just name it and it is activated.  The voice activation comes with noise-cancelling software, so that you do not have to find a really quiet place to use your voice activation services.

The only problem that some people see with this sort of purchasing is that they do not get the initial price reduction for the smart phone.  However, once a two-year or 3-year plan has been completed, you have more than paid for the phone, through the service fees and high plan prices.  With the new Nexus One, and a plethora of new smart phones on the way that will revolutionize the smart phone purchasing industry, the way people buy smart phones is about to change.

The Nexus One smart phone is the snowball at the top of the mountain that starts an avalanche, and the Nexus One Network, under the Google Apps Store umbrella, is the avalanche.  The victims just may be the IPhone, Blackberry and other, non-Android run smart phones.  With the Android 2.1 platform released with the Devour, the Nexus One will benefit from the upgraded version of what was already better than the Blackberry service and available applications.  And the way that people buy the smart phones is whatGoogle is
trying to change with the introduction of the Nexus One smart phone.

Yes, you can run the Nexus One smart phone on the Nexus One network, and it will work splendidly.  But, if you purchase the Nexus One smart phone through theGoogle Apps Store, you get to decide which carrier that supports the smart phone would be best, and cheapest for you.

The American carrier Mobile One currently offers the Nexus One smart phone for 9, on a 3-year service plan.  However, for 9 US, you can pick your service provider and plan, and even use the smart phone with a pay-as-you-go plan, for people who want to limit their
expenses on the phones.However, Google is trying to entice all smart phone carriers into it’s revolutionary smart phone business, with customers buying the phones at retail prices, and then choosing the carrier and plan that best suits them.  This is one business plan that has serious potential to make a huge inroad into the cell phone service and sales industries.

So, give it a try.  With a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, there really is no risk.  If you don’t like the plan that you took out after buying your Nexus One smart phone, then you can change that too, within the guarantee time frame.  Sleek-looking, stylish, powerful and fast, the Nexus One is the next step in garneringGoogle as one of the hottest smart phone providers.

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